Dr. Shackleford Endorses Sheriff Graves

May 5, 2018|Posted in: Uncategorized

Dr. Robert Shackleford
May 5, 2018

So much has been said during this campaign for Randolph County Sheriff that many people cannot distinguish truth from fiction, right from wrong, or up from down. Falsehoods, innuendos, distortions, and deliberate attacks have been rampant. While I believe that our candidates are probably good men with a sincere desire to serve, amid all of the confusion and misinformation during this campaign, I’d like to clarify what is certifiably true:

We have something that most counties would give anything for:

  • a Sheriff who is an honest, decent man of personal and professional integrity,
  • a Sheriff with a proven track record of sacrificial service to his family, his community, his church, and his profession in countless ways over decades of time,
  • a Sheriff whose leadership ability is demonstrated by the repeated promotions he has received throughout his years in law enforcement service,
  • a Sheriff with impeccable law enforcement credentials who kept his credentials current and active even after he retired from the NC Highway Patrol because he continued to serve in every way possible,
  • a Sheriff who has visited every community in this county over and over, demonstrating that he serves everyone here, regardless of the community they live in,
  • a Sheriff who has opened the work of the Sheriff’s department up to the public through his Citizens’ Academy for adults and his Junior Sheriff’s Academy for middle-schoolers,
  • a Sheriff who has enhanced a renewed sense of professionalism and pride in the appearance, work ethic, responsibilities, and duties of all who work in the Sheriff’s Department,
  • a Sheriff who fully supports and serves, without distinction, the rich and the poor, the black and the white and the Latina, the known and the unknown…and anyone else in this county,
  • and a Sheriff who is compassionate, caring, and helpful toward all of our law-abiding citizens but is very tough on crime.

While most counties would love to have all of that, that’s exactly what we have in Sheriff Robert Graves. A proven record of integrity and service beats a mountain of campaign promises every time!

He serves us faithfully…let’s support him with our appreciation, our confidence, and our votes.

Dr. Robert S. Shackleford, Jr.

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