Keeping Randolph County Safe

Since Sheriff Graves was sworn in as the Sheriff of Randolph County, he has shepherded the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office, whose members serve with courage, honor, and integrity, towards higher levels of service to the citizens of Randolph County.

Randolph County was formed in 1779. Sheriff Graves has done some things that have never been done in the whole history of Randolph County:

  • There are now more deputies assigned to Patrol duties in Randolph County than ever.
  • There are more local substations in communities for deputies to work closer to the citizens than ever before, with more coming. This increases the availability of deputies for all Randolph County citizens without having to make the drive into town.
  • The Crime Suppression Unit and Break-In Task Force have more deputies working together to prevent property crime and apprehend the criminals who do these crimes and the people who support them by buying stolen items. This adds a new name and a more efficient organization to what was formerly known as the Interdiction Team. These deputies still perform the highway interdiction functions dealing with drug activity, wanted persons, and stolen goods on the roads of Randolph County.
  • Sheriff Graves has a House of Worship Security Program that provides training for any house of worship in Randolph County to help keep these important institutions safe.
  • Sheriff Graves has a Citizen’s Academy that lets any Randolph County citizen get a very close view of the Sheriff’s office from the jail to the schools to the Tactical Team. Other programs include Community Watch, Community in Schools, CARE, DARE, Crimestoppers, programs for Senior Citizens, Refuse to be a Victim seminars, and the Junior Sheriff’s Academy.The fight against illegal drugs that ruin lives and cause havoc by driving property crimes is being addressed aggressively with traditional methods such as the Vice and Narcotics unit, but also with non-traditional means such as a “Booster Shot” D.A.R.E. program for middle school and high school students in Randolph County’s Schools.
  • Sheriff Graves and his deputies are working alongside local, state, and federal partners to deal with the problems the opioid crisis has caused. In addition to enforcement, Sheriff Graves has partnered with NC HARM and Randolph County Emergency Services to equip all front line deputies with Narcan so they can help save lives.

Under Sheriff Graves’ leadership, the deputies have high morale. They know that they will be supported by the Sheriff whenever they do good work in service of the citizens of Randolph County. They know that they will be treated fairly and impartially by the Sheriff and his command staff any time there is a cause for investigation or a citizen complaint. This leads them to be willing to be proactive in serving and protecting the citizens of Randolph County.

Sheriff Graves and some of the Sheriff’s Office’s fleet. The specialized vehicles were paid for with money seized from drug dealers!

Under Sheriff Graves, the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office is a leader in many ways that you would not necessarily expect from a department of its size. The department has an outstanding Crime Scene Investigation Division, conducts noteworthy Internet Crimes Against Children investigations, has a very talented Tactical Team, and does a super job performing the other jobs that the law and Randolph County citizens require the Sheriff to do.